Everything You Need to Syndicate Your First Commercial Real Estate Deal

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What is CRE Syndicator?

CRE Syndicator provides the education and tools to syndicate your first commercial real estate deal.  Whether you are a real estate agent, have done a few smaller deals, or anything in between - join the many others that have learned and gone on to scale in commercial real estate.

Brock Mogensen, Founder

Brock Mogensen has been in the real estate industry since 2018.  He started with a duplex and quickly realized he wanted to scale quicker.  With minimal experience, one year later he closed on an 89-unit apartment building.  Since then, he has built an eight-figure real estate portfolio, became a full time investor, and is financially free.  He has amassed tens of thousands followers on social media where he teaches others how to invest in real estate and build wealth.

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Everything you know about scaling in real estate is wrong.


There are many ways to build a portfolio in real estate...slowly.  Or there is a way to build a MASSIVE portfolio, quicker.  When you choose the second path, you not only have the opportunity to create generational wealth, you have the opportunity to build a legit business. 

It's become apparent to me that people have the misconception about what it takes to build a real estate empire. Most think that you need millions in your bank account to do it.  And if you aren't making millions at your job, its just not possible. 

I see it all the time. People think buying one property a year, on their own, is the way to achieve financial freedom.  Although this is one way you can do it, be ready for a very long road to get there.  If you are someone that wants to get there quicker, this is not the way!

When I got into real estate and was able to quit my job to go full time in investing within two years, I noticed I kept receiving one question.  People wanted to know how I did it so quick.  How I was able to build a multi-million dollar portfolio while only making $40K/year at my job?

Spoiler Alert: I didn't come from money, I'm not a Harvard grad - I just had the drive and found the best way to scale quick in real estate.

But the question is how?

This question and the people who keep asking it are why I decided to create the CRE Syndicator.  I believe anyone can do what I did with the right tools (and work ethic).  I've spent the last two years building out the material and truly believe there is no other program out there that is this straight to the point.

If you want to build your own real estate empire, I suggest checking it out. 

Brock Mogensen,
Founder of CRE Syndicator


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